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     After working as a librarian for twenty years, I took a class in memoir writing. I loved it. I enjoyed telling my story of growing up in the Sixties in Seattle, trying new roles and travel adventures, exploring feminism and singlehood. A columnist in a Mexican resort town wrote of my arrival in the local paper:  "Fun Girl Feather is back in town." Learn what Fun Girl Feather is doing now after drafting her memoir:  The Trouble with Fun: a romp with repercussions


Fun Girl Feather

     How do you get a fun girl to settle down? Stop her heart.


     In 1985 at forty years old, I was enjoying a Marin County, California lifestyle, running a bookstore, drinking local wines, smoking a pack a day, and partying often in my poolside apartment. Sometimes Shawn, my assistant would bring his velvet bag of coke along for cocktail hours but not too often.

     Can a life of exploration starting in 1963 be snuffed out in intensive coronary care twenty years later? Read more on my About Page.

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