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All I want for Christmas are books

Books, books, books

December 16, 2022

Not only do you have suggestions below of my top reads this year, here are some ideas from elsewhere to give you breadth. Of course, I may be one of the few who adore these end-of-the-year lists, the best being Largehearted Boy who compiles books and music from just about everywhere every year from Brazos Bookstore to genre lists like best wedding planner books, top sports titles and best homeschool books salted among the usual crime, mysteries, SciFi & fantasy as well as literature

And here are the memorable titles I read this year in no particular order:

Southern Voices: Biet Dong and the National Liberation Front (about Vietnam from Author Dedrick, my husband), Aurelia, Aurelia (Davis), Hamnet (O'Farrell), The Promise (Galgut), Flight Night (Toews), Real Estate (Levy), Companion Piece (Smith), What Strange Paradise (El Akkad), Burntcoat (Hall), Recitatif (Morrison), Small Things Like These (Keegan), Still Life (Winman), Ladera Este Poetry from Octavio Paz and The Last Days of Roger Federer: and Other Endings (Dyer).

And when I am not perusing favorite books newsletters, you might find me reading The Salad Department or salivating over The Cookie Bible

What books tickled you this year?

Because no one would expect this from me but perhaps a mood lightener for some during these holidays:

All the best to you all for a healthy 2023. Thank you for subscribing.

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