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Eat Breakfast, Read Books!

A word about breakfast: Michael eats it later. Leo skips it. I dive right in on awakening, even before coffee. An old favorite from my Yucatan junket fifty-odd years ago was Eggs Motuleños (named after the town of Motul on the Yucatan Peninsula), recipe below thanks to Maricruz Avalos.

Eat It When You Want

The take-home message, then, is that there’s no clearcut benefit to being a skipper or an eater – as long as what you eat is healthy in the first place. “One of the most important things for people to understand is why they want to skip their breakfast,” says Nekonam. “Some people are more energised and more productive on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, or simply aren’t hungry when they wake up. If you’re trying to gain muscle then skipping breakfast is an obvious no-no – you need energy, and it’s completely counter-productive.”


The ingredients

EGGS – They have to be fried. Not poached, not scrambled, fried with a creamy, running yolk.

CORN TORTILLAS – Also fried. Not totally crunchy like a tostada. Neither is too soft that will fall apart easily. Just fried enough to hold well all the weight of the ingredientes on top.

BEANS – Not refried as you might think. The beans are mashed with some liquid, then they’re strained so you’ll end with some sort of thick soup. Beans for this dish even have a name: frijol colado (strained beans). And they’re cooked with epazote (a Mexican cooking herb). Epazote is supposed to grow like a weed in vacant lots, but we have to buy, it no luck with lots.

SAUCE – The sauce name is chiltomate and is made with tomatoes, onions, garlic and, the most important ingredient: chiles habaneros. I might use a favorite commercial salsa here.

TOPPINGS – Peas, ham, fried plantains and queso fresco. Other variations include sour cream and chorizo. Today I used avocado.


Read more, Read better! Of course, I would love these articles, which are similar.

  1. How to Be A Better Reader

2. Read 200 Books a Year

"To read 200 books, simply spend 417 hours a year reading.

Here’s how much time a single American spends on social media and TV in a year:

608 hours on social media

1642 hours on TV

Wow. That’s 2250 hours a year spent on TRASH. If those hours were spent reading instead, you could be reading over 1,000 books a year!

A title I enjoyed: The English Understand Wool's take on the writing/publishing game is easily one of my top books for this year for writing, topic, plot and wit like a bone-dry white Sauvignon Blanc; Dewitt is at her best. And it's only 67 pages long!


According to his daughter in The Wine Lover's Daughter, Clifton Fadiman disliked thee words:

viable in terms of

parameters in the context of

timeframe have a good one

feedback breakthrough

counterproductive crispy, crunch, zesty

I feel strongly against "grow a business," malfeasance, and wreckage.


A little essay of mine on hair was printed here:

Can a book be far behind?

Happy Mother's Day, if you celebrate!

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1 commentaire

Robert Pankl
Robert Pankl
10 mai 2023

Mary Kay,

Thank you. Some very excellent, resonant comments.

Bob Pankl

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